Insider Reports That Trump Is Plotting His “Revenge” After His Presidency Is Over

We saw this coming.

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While most presidents go on to do great things after leaving their position in the office, Donald Trump is set to unsurprisingly do the exact opposite.

According to a Trump insider, Donald won’t be starting any charities, building any homes, or opening any helpful foundations within his communities. What will Trump be doing once our White House is finally free of him and has been thoroughly fumigated? Evidently, he’ll be exacting his revenge.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has a new book, titled The United States of Trump, in which he quotes the current president of the United States promising to retaliate against the media that he feels has wronged his throughout his presidency — so basically any entity that published the truth about him.


The Washington Examiner released a review of O’Reilly’s book covering what they felt was the most “insightful” conversation between O’Reilly and Trump that can be found at the end of the book.

“You know, the media doesn’t care if they hurt families,” Trump stated in his conversation with Bill. “But when I leave office, I’ll have my revenge… Without Trump, what have they got?”

According to O’Reilly’s book, Trump feels that the number one thing that “changed my life” was the investigation conducted by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding Trump’s connection to the Russian hacking into our election and the president’s subsequent obstruction of his investigation.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Trump declared. “I think this Mueller investigation will go down as one of my great achievements. Because the corruption would have never been uncovered. All these powerful people trying to subvert an election, people wouldn’t have known about it.”

Of course, when Trump refers to “powerful people” he’s not talking about federal judges or Congress members who are conducting their congressional duty of oversight. He’s talking about the damn media.

“I don’t know why they hate me,” O’Reilly claims Trump mused. “I guess it’s because I’m an outsider. I did something no one else had ever done. It’s about power.”

O’Reilly went on to question the president as to why he believes these “powerful people” (the media) are so “devious.”

“I think about it all the time,” Trump replied, dodging the question like he’s so good at doing. “In one way it’s positive. It shows that I can take it.”

You can read the full Washington Examiner report here.

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