Insider Details Of Trump’s Schedule Just Released, Disturbing Facts Emerge

Does anyone know what the president is really doing anymore?

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Donald Trump has been tweeting his little orange fingers off today, making it perfectly clear that no work is getting done — an unfortunate trend that we’ve seen throughout his presidency. Does anyone remember when Trump said he would be “too busy” to take vacations or play golf? Trump has ended up making more time for leisure than any president in the history of our country.

This was called out earlier today by Scott Dworkin from The Democratic Coalition:

Trump’s schedule today includes having a staff meeting to decide what insane tweets they should send out that would please Putin and gaslight Americans. Then it’s straight to the golf course for the second day in a row. Followed by him doing nothing to reunite families. Pathetic.”


Unfortunately, he’s right. The president hardly does any work now. He’s spent nearly 25 percent of his presidency on his golf courses, and over 30 percent of his presidency at one of his properties. Trump frequently flees the White House over the weekends so he can be fully cut off from his presidential duties.

All of this is infuriating, but there’s a detail that is even more concerning. Trump is getting far fewer intelligence briefings than his already abysmal record. Trump’s public schedule reveals that the president has gotten into a habit of ditching his daily intelligence briefings, which are critical to providing a president with information about threats and international developments. Trump’s attendance is so low, he had only attended 3 briefings for the month as of July 21. For his 550+ days in the White House, Trump’s attendance rate is just over 31 percent.

Ironically, in the past, Trump slammed former President Barack Obama for having a 43.8 percent attendance record for intelligence briefings. Trump mocked him for being “too busy I guess!” Still, Obama kept informed by reading the Presidential Daily Brief, which we imagine Trump has never laid eyes on.

It’s really no wonder Trump has no idea what’s going on in the world. Someone needs to intervene before the president does something even more ignorant than he already has. What is the president even doing in all of his spare time?

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