Insecure Trump Lands In Washington, Has Supporters Greet Him At White House To Stroke His Ego

Awww. Trump needed coddling.

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After a 5-day European trip, complete with a visit to Queen Elizabeth II, a 75th-anniversary D-Day commemoration ceremony in Normandy, France, and a plethora of protests featuring everything from the Baby Trump blimp to a robotic version of Trump tweeting on the toilet, Donald has finally made it back to his home ground.

However, there was something a little different about this return to the White House than those before — evidently, the 5-day onslaught of protests got under Trump’s skin a bit, so he was met by a little assembly of Trump supporters all decked out in their red MAGA hats and blatant racism to make him feel better about himself.

As Donald and Melania made their way off of Air Force One, they were greeted by a gathering of the last few folks left that are happy he is back in his interim (hopefully very interim) home.


This is the first time that we’ve heard of Trump being greeted by supporters when arriving back at the White House, but we’re sure that they all felt it necessary to assuage his likely broken ego after he spent five days being called out on his bullshit by throngs of haters in the streets of London — and we’re quite certain that whatever the reason may have been, the thin-skinned, overly sensitive Trump ate that shit up.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller reported on the makeshift rally on his Twitter account:

Knoller also noted that Donald has now personalized his red MAGA “USA” cap with his name on the back, because of course, Donald likes to stamp his name on everything he touches.

According to the White House pool report, Donald “shook many hands. Trump asked for a pen and signed several red caps and posed for a handful of photos.”

However, he did not answer any of the questions that were shouted at him, only answering “We’re doing all right” with no elaboration in response to a question about trade negotiations with Mexico.

We’re sure Trump is sitting in the White House, beaming with pride because a handful of racist dickbags still like him.

Featured image via the Trump Outlet 

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