Image Of Trump And His Goons Eating Steak While Federal Employees Got Cheated Out Of Back Pay Will Make You Sick

Could I please UN-see this? Thanks.

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It’s easy to be disgusted by essentially everything that Donald Trump does at this point — we’ve been subjected to years now of finding out just how deep his depravity goes, and what’s more, we started from a pretty low bar, listening to him bragging about sexually assaulting women before he was ever even elected.

But in the span of time that America has been getting to know Trump beyond the cartoonish, money-hungry, movie-cameo caricature we’ve known since the 1980’s, we’ve come to find out far more than we ever wanted to know, including about the details of his affairs with two women in the adult entertainment industry, just how dumb he is on politics and global affairs, his television watching habits, and even how he likes his steak: Well done and covered in ketchup.

Some people, however, are still eager to know about Trump’s every move, and don’t even mind watching him blaspheme against premium beef with an extra 8 minutes on the flat top, some corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. In fact, if the writers at the Daily Caller could see Donald Trump chewing with his mouth open, they’d probably snap a picture of the masticated cud and put it on their byline or their Twitter account.


So seeing Benny Johnson’s breathless account of being seated near Trump and a cadre of cads at a steakhouse as the President dined on steak and shrimp with French fries and Diet Coke really wasn’t so much a surprise as it was an interruption of my normally strong appetite.

Yes, the gang was all there, and Benny even listed them in order of political importance, in case you thought he might give away his secret man-crush on Steven Mnuchin, the darling of all good little capitalists. And there is a LOT to unpack. No chiefs of staff except Mnuchin’s — weird. Graham dining out with the Big Two, who he’s come full circle on, opinion-wise — weird. A flip phone, Lindsey?

Yeah, NOT okay.

And all the while Benny was documenting his celebrity encounter, he never thought to ask this fearsome foursome what they thought about the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who wouldn’t be able to afford steak for months after their gross shutdown stunt.

Now I’ve lost my appetite completely.

Featured image via screen capture

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