House Judiciary To Draft Impeachment Probe Resolution On Monday, Vote Could Come By Wednesday

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According to two sources, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and The Democratic Coalition’s Scott Dworkin, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is all set to begin formal impeachment proceedings on Monday as the Committee presents a draft resolution of what the probe coinciding with the process will look like exactly. A vote could come as quickly as Wednesday for agreement on any guidelines set forth in that resolution.

On Joy’s Saturday program, she reminded her audience that “pre-impeachment” is underway and covered essentially the same ground, although Joy’s segment covered the “foreign emoluments” clause of the Constitution — suggesting that perhaps Nadler and the Judiciary Committee’s focus will reach into criminal wrongdoing that begins with Trump’s businesses established before he was President, which he has used to accept payments and gifts since he was inaugurated.


Although House Speaker Pelosi has been resistant to beginning impeachment proceedings against Trump until such time as she feels like there is enough to hold a referendum, Nadler’s actions will at the very least begin the probes necessary to build a case, which is a departure from what Democrats were doing before (which was kind of nothing).

And although most assume that Mitch McConnell will stop any impeachment process dead in its tracks in the Senate — where a conviction, if it could be reached, would need the votes of two-thirds of that chamber — the fact is that simply laying bare the facts surrounding his impeachable offenses will be sufficient to connect the dots for many.

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