Hillary Just Dropped A Bombshell About The GOP Ahead Of Midterms, Republicans Panicking

The GOP is hoping that American voters don't see this interview.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still causing a nightmare for the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Clinton had an interview with Stephen Colbert last night, and it’s having the entire Republican Party praying that America’s conservative voters somehow never see it. After sounding off on how terrible Donald Trump’s presidency has gone so far, Clinton asked the question that all of us — including lifelong conservative voters — have been asking: What has become of the GOP? Clinton said:

I do not understand what’s happened to the Republican party. I don’t understand it. I mean, I served with a lot of the people who are there now… Why are they so intimidated? Why do they do things that they know better than to do?”

Colbert suggested that Republicans, infamous for being spineless, were just terrified of Trump and his fanbase. What Clinton said next was spoken like a true leader:


That is true, but at some point you’ve got to put country before party and you’ve got to put country before your personal interest.”

That statement alone would be enough to send shivers down the backs of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, two men who have let Trump get away with the most disappointing nonsense.

Clinton also sounded off on the possibility of Trump’s impeachment, stating that there was a “constitutional crisis that doesn’t have to be looked at only through the lens of impeachment” thanks to Trump’s “attacks on the rule of law” and the FBI/DOJ. She said:

Who does that help? Who is actually benefitting from tearing down our law enforcement, our judicial authorities and the like?”

Clinton continues to be the leader that the majority of America wishes we had in the Oval Office right now. You can watch her address the country’s political problems below:

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