Group Of Trump Supporters Just Got Interviewed About His Racist Comments, Their Responses Are Terrifying

Well...this is terrifying.

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Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and his crazed, die-hard supporters are the most dangerous thing this country is facing right now. While the GOP has failed America with its spineless leadership and its refusal to check Trump and stand up to him, Trump’s fans have also done their part in making America an extremely hostile place to live by supporting the president without ever questioning anything he says or does, following blindly like a bunch of sheep.

America was once again reminded how terrifying Trump’s fanbase is when an interview with a bunch of Trump supporters was posted to Twitter. As Trump supporters were waiting outside for Trump to speak in Houston, they were asked what they would like him to speak about.

One woman said the “caravan,” suggesting that she wholeheartedly believes Trump’s fear-mongering and conspiracy theories about “terrorists” making their way toward the border. This woman also called it an “invasion of our country,” further echoing Trump’s tone. And it gets worse. As other Trump supporters nodded their heads in agreement, this voter said:


But I love everything that comes out of his mouth.”

Another excited Trump voter summed up everything about what it’s like to be a Trump voter:

It doesn’t really matter what he says, we’ll support it.”

It’s no surprise that Trump supporters aren’t using their brains, but having these voters actually admit that they’re supporting Trump regardless of what he says or does is terrifying. And these people are allowed to vote?!

This footage was posted online, and it’s raising eyebrows all over the internet. See for yourself:

This is exactly why Trump’s fanbase is dangerous — they are voting without conscience or any intelligent thought.

Featured image via screen capture

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