GOP Source Reveals That Sean Hannity Is Under Federal Investigation

It would be an absolute circus in the courtroom if Sean Hannity were ever called to testify.

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According to a report from Democratic Coalition founder Scott Dworkin, multiple Republican sources have confirmed to him that Fox News megastar Sean Hannity is under investigation in a case related to the ongoing Russia probe being carried out by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.

Hannity, well known for being Donald Trump’s favorite newscaster and a close personal confidante of the President, has been the subject of scrutiny on a variety of fronts for months now, beginning with his spreading of the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory, the idea that a DNC staffer was murdered by Hillary Clinton’s staff for “stealing” the DNC emails and disseminating them. All intelligence agencies have concluded that the hack of the DNC emails was carried out by a Russian government-sanctioned team of agents.

Additionally, Rich’s murder was a robbery gone awry, but Hannity’s spreading of the false rumor was relentless that Rich’s family had to sue the broadcaster to get him to stop.


Dworkin’s podcast did not indicate whether the investigation had anything to do with the Seth Rich garbage, but did note that the Fox star has consistently met with key players at all levels of the Republican Party and in the Trump administration, and even Trump’s own family.

The logic holds up for Hannity to be tied in to the entire mess: He was one of only three clients of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and his deep connection to Donald Trump — said to speak on the telephone with one another every single day — makes it exceedingly likely that he knows details of the conspiracy scheme that the Trump campaign carried out with Russia in order to win the 2016 presidential election.

Dworkin’s podcast also notes that Republican Representatives Dana Rohrabacher and Devin Nunes are each under investigation, and that the GOP sources who told him about the investigations also indicated that other Republicans have been told to stay away from Rohrabacher and Nunes.

You can listen to the clip on Hannity here:

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