GOP Senator Says 30 Republican Senators Would Vote To Impeach Trump, But They Are Afraid Of Him

This is CRAZY.

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This afternoon, the network to be watching for coverage of the waves and waves of breaking news since the Ukraine scandal came to light was definitely MSNBC.

Not only did the spectacular coverage include the kind of annotation of the quasi-transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that broke things down to layman’s terms, but some of the analysis from guests was absolutely indispensable.

Over and over, reporters reminded viewers that quid pro quo was not necessary for Trump to have committed an impeachable offense, and at one point while Trump was speaking at a brief press conference, anchor Nicole Wallace actually cut away to do a real-time fact check. We were reminded all day of the fact that Ukraine’s top legal figures, despite Trump’s and the GOP’s attempts to turn the scandal around on Joe Biden and his son, found that the Bidens had done absolutely nothing inappropriate.


But this morning one of the most powerful pieces of analysis and inside information came in the form of less than a minute of audio from Republican Mike Murphy, the former senior advisor to Mitt Romney and John McCain before him. Murphy told his hosts that he was in contact with a Republican Senator who told him that there are fewer Senators on Trump’s side than he might think:

These Republicans … are gonna be pinned down to a yes/no answer. And if they provide cover for Donald Trump on this, a clear violation of his role as President, we’re gonna lose Colorado with Cory Gardner, we’re gonna lose Maine with Susan Collins, we’re gonna lose Arizona with McSally, and it’s gonna be — you know, the Democrats are gonna put the Senate very much in play … I can tell you this: One Republican Senator told me if it was a secret vote, 30 Republican Senators would vote to impeach Trump.”

THAT is a very different scenario than you see playing out on any of the networks, different than what you’re hearing from Lindsey Graham or House GOP members. And once the whistleblower’s complaint is made public — which House and Senate Intelligence members surely want in the interest of transparency — we may see something entirely different than the conventional wisdom that the House could impeach but it would go nowhere in the Senate.

Trump could be the first President ever actually removed in an impeachment.

Watch Murphy here:

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