GOP In Trouble As Fox News Mocks Trump For Celebrating Trade Deal Before It’s Even Final

The future is dark for Republicans.

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It’s a terrible time to be a Republican — because not even the members of your own party will be willing to stand with you thanks to Donald Trump. There is zero unity within the party now and the GOP looks more divided than ever after midterm elections. Even Fox News is starting to look more like CNN and MSNBC in its increasingly critical approach to Trump.

Earlier today, Fox News once again demonstrated how fed up with Trump it was when host Shep Smith actually made fun of the president for his egotistical behavior. As Trump has been at the G20 summit, already there have been several notable moments where the president made himself look like a complete idiot. One of those such moments was his premature bragging about a new trade deal between the United States, Canada, and Mexico — which is not even finalized.

Smith brought attention to this, stating that Trump called his trade deal with Canada and Mexico “one of the most important trade deals in the history of the world.” Smith then mocked the president and said:


Of course, it’s not even done.”

Smith added more heat to this fire by noting that analysts have said Trump’s new deal is “not that different at all” from NAFTA, which Trump said he “hated.” You can watch the clip below:

We might expect this type of criticism from other networks, but hearing it from Fox News should definitely worry any Republican. There are very few people in Trump’s corner now, and that number is getting smaller by the day. The terms “Republican” and “Conservative” are becoming shameful and it’s all because of the Tweeter in Chief. He is embarrassing America with his every move, tweet, and sentence — clearly, people are getting tired of it. Apparently, so is Fox News.

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