GOP In Meltdown Mode After Female Trump Voters Tell America What They Think Of POTUS Now

Trump is toast now, and the GOP is going down next!

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During the 2016 election, America was horrified by the number of white women who voted for Donald Trump and was forced to take a hard look at the racism and misogyny that still exists in our country. Fortunately, it looks as though midterms and the future 2020 election is going to look quite different for Trump and the GOP thanks to the way the president has managed to f*ck everything up.

The Republican Party is already terrified of midterm elections, and the latest data on how white women may vote in the midterms is going to create even more fear. CNN held a panel of mostly white suburban mothers from Virginia, who had voted for Trump in 2016. CNN’s Ana Cabrera asked these women to grade Trump’s performance, and the results should be a major reality check for the GOP.

Three out of five of these women gave Trump the failing grade of an “F,” and two even stated that Trump’s Charlottesville debacle (in which the president refused to denounce white supremacy) was a major turning point for her. That woman said:


I feel he has done nothing but divide our country further apart, and, you know, he — Charlottesville was huge for me. To see the president of the United States get up and say that there’s good people on both sides really, really hurt. I don’t want my kids looking up to that. I don’t want my kids thinking that racism is acceptable.”

Another woman also expressed her disappointment over Trump’s mishandling of Charlottesville:

My daughter was crying on the couch when she saw my friend from Sterling, Virginia have to jump out of the way of that car. Yes. No one in the Commonwealth of Virginia should ever have to fear for their lives when they are at a rally supporting diversity.”

Trump will be even more annoyed to know that ever single one of these women are supporting Robert Mueller’s investigation and none believe Trump’s insistence that it’s a “witch hunt.” And these women weren’t in denial about how the president cannot be trusted. One Trump voter said:

Facts are facts. One plus one is two so there is nothing like an alternative fact. An alternative fact is a lie, and our president lies regularly every single day. He has lost the ability to communicate with our allies because we are no longer trusted.”

If this is any indication about how suburban white women are going to vote in the midterms, the Republican Party is in big trouble. You can watch the panel below:

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