GOP Congressman Just Went On National Television To Deliver Some Very Bad News To Trump

Trump is going to flip out.

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Donald Trump is getting pummeled by his fellow Republicans, especially since he was such a large part of why the GOP performed so poorly in the midterms and lost the House of Representatives.

Congress is changing, and now more conservatives are speaking out against the president and warning him that if he doesn’t do something soon to shape things up, there are going to be major consequences for the GOP.

Recently, outgoing Republican congressman Ryan Costello sent Trump a warning on national television to tell the president just how unhappy the American people are with him — because Trump still refuses to believe that the majority of voters actually voted against him and have protested his presidency.


In an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Costello spoke about House Republicans subpoenaing James Comey and the plea deal being discussed by Jerome Corsi and Robert Mueller. During the interview, Keiler asked Costello, “As someone who is leaving, what are your parting words for your party and for Washington in general?” Costello responded by telling Trump to slow his roll:

I think the American people spoke. And they want to see Congress hold the president accountable when circumstances warrant. They don’t like the tone or the rhetoric coming out of the president at times. They want to see background checks, they want to see an economy that’s working for everyone. And I think more than anything else, they want to see both parties working to get things done.”

Unfortunately, despite how obvious the truth in Costello’s statement is, Trump probably won’t give this message the time of day.

Costello also said that Trump was “his own worst enemy,” and that Republicans should “speak out when they disagree” with the president. Finally, a Republican is making sense. You can watch Costello rip into Trump below:

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