Fragile White House In Panic Mode As Multiple New Investigations Are Announced Against Trump

We have a novel idea for Trump to stop these investigations: Stop committing crimes.

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If Donald Trump thought that the impending wrap-up of Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe into his dealings with Russia and their interference in the 2016 American presidential election was going to ease the pressure at all before the world finds out what will come of all of it, he was sadly disappointed this week.

Newly-empowered Democrats in the House of Representatives announced on Wednesday a litany of investigations they intend to open — we’ve covered one about security clearance violations here already — and all three of them look devastating for the President, his family, and his entire team.

The announcement from House Oversight Chair Elijah Cummings came first: That his Committee would be looking into numerous violations of the security clearance review process by the Trump administration, including the failure to inform Congress about why it had not suspended former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s security clearance after multiple direct warnings. Cummings also cited concerns about Jared Kushner, Rob Porter, and a number of other violations that would indicate an ongoing pattern of either abuse of or ignorance of the clearance process.


Perhaps more worrisome for Trump, however, are the other two investigations they’ve announced: The House Foreign Affairs Committee will be looking into whether Trump’s extensive dealings with other countries that are historically hostile — and some closer-than-usual dealings with friendly countries like Saudi Arabia — are influencing his foreign policy decisions, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence will be looking at a very specific foreign entity — Deutsche Bank — and whether the German money exchange had helped Trump and his family launder money, as they were recently penalized for doing with Russia.

Chairman Adam Schiff will be getting an assist from House Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters on that last front, and it should have Trump plenty scared. Robert Mueller has already been looking into (and issuing subpoenas for) documentation from the bank, and as one of the only financial institutions left in the world that will loan money to the Trumps, Deutsche Bank certainly has plenty to say.

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