Fox News Implodes As Trump-loving Anchor Attacks POTUS For Failed North Korea Summit

This is the ultimate betrayal.

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Donald Trump will blame his failures on pretty much everything except himself. In regular fashion, the president reacted to the major failing of his summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam the only way he knows how – by blaming someone else for his mistakes. In fact, the president is so pathetic that he is placing the blame on someone who wasn’t even in the same country as him.

Trump has blamed his failed North Korean summit on his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen – and it’s such a bullsh*t excuse that even Fox News is calling him out on it! Earlier today, Fox News anchor Bret Baier stated that Trump’s claim that Cohen made him botch the summit was a “stretch” and blew up Trump’s defense.

Baier was actually in Vietnam for Trump’s summit with Kim and could verify firsthand that Cohen was not a factor that could be blamed for Trump’s incompetence. When Trump tweeted that Cohen’s testimony had in some way contributed to his failed meeting with Kim, Baier correctly stated that it wasn’t Cohen who rejected Trump’s proposal – it was North Korea. Baier said:


The fact that the president says that Cohen contributed to the walk away from this deal, I mean, Michael Cohen didn’t offer just Yongbyon nuclear facility. Michael Cohen didn’t say no to the big deal at the table between the president and Chairman Kim. So I think that that’s a stretch. Obviously, it was covered differently by the U.S. networks. But [the summit] still didn’t come forward with the substance.

I just think it’s over the top to blame Michael Cohen. The bottom line is that what came to the table, and what they didn’t agree to, was because the two countries couldn’t get on the same page on the specifics.”

It’s always a really bad sign whenever Fox New starts to diss the president – that’s how you know Trump has f*cked up beyond belief. Finally, Fox News is starting to make sense.

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