Fox News Host Tells Trump To His Face: “White Nationalists Are Finding Common Cause With You”

He doesn't care! He's proud of it!

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Donald’s hold on the essentially state-run media Fox News Network seems to be slowly slipping here lately as even the Trump-loving sycophants are beginning to realize how cruel and heartless the man they worship truly is.

Trump recently really shit the bed with a racist Twitter attack against four Congresswomen of color, in which he told them to go back where they came from. Donald, of course, has relentlessly insisted that his attacks were not racist and even stooped so far as to say that, if anyone owes anyone an apology, it’s the Congresswomen to him.

While delivering remarks at his “Made in America” event today, Trump continued with his racist rhetoric, only to be called out, straight to his face, by one of his very own — Fox News reporter John Roberts, who asked whether Trump even gave a damn that white nationalist agree with his racist views.


“Mr. President,” Roberts questioned during the impromptu news conference, “does it concern you that many people saw that tweet as racist, and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point?”

To which Donald replied that he, in fact, does not give a damn because more people than just white nationalists think that he’s right.

“It doesn’t concern me,” Trump responded. “because many people agree with me, and all I’m saying, they want to leave, they can leave now. It doesn’t say leave forever. It says leave, but what it says and what that, John, what that says is if they’re not happy with the United States, if they’re doing nothing but criticizing us all the time, you see these people walking down criticizing the United States, we just hit the highest stock market in history. All of these incredible manufacturers that are in, these are great business people, they employ many people and we have workers with us too. They’re having the best year they’ve ever had. Can I say that, is that a correct statement?”

It doesn’t concern him?! That’s all we should be taking away from this, folks. Because it’s all that really matters. It does not concern him.

You can watch the clip here:

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