Fox News Host Tells Audience Trump Is The “Only President Who Actually Starts To Look Younger In Office.”

Yeah, no, I don't actually think so.

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Apparently, sometime early Saturday morning, Fox re-branded themselves as a comedy network. The difference was faint unless you were paying close attention, specifically to Fox and Friends around the 9:30 AM EST time.

It was around then that Rachel Campos-Duffy, an attention-seeking Republican since her days on MTV’s The Real World: San Francisco, nearly broke all of the world’s irony meters simultaneously when she made a claim about Donald Trump that you have to actually watch come out of her mouth to wrap your brain around:


Now, that’s some pretty obvious ass-kissing. But Duffy could at LEAST have picked a more believable topic than something that literally every person on Earth can see is horseshit.

This is a man who rides a golf cart everywhere that he’s not taken by car. Anyone that Trump could “outwork” would have to be not only even less physically capable of work than Trump, but also less motivated to do any actual work, a pair of traits that a normal person could perhaps achieve one of, but surely not both.

Let’s just say Twitter shared my assessment:

I think that last guy gets it.

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