Fox News Host Lost It On Air, Attacked Fans Who Still Support Trump

This will be Trump's downfall.

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Now that Donald Trump’s crimes are getting out in the open, Fox News is getting way more interesting. Not only have the network’s hosts been far more honest in their reporting about the president, but some hosts are actually starting to lash out at those who continue to make excuses for The Donald — even when it’s the viewers!

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith showed everyone just how “over” the president he was when he lashed out at viewers for excusing the actions of Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Smith has been one of the network’s most critical hosts since Trump’s presidency began, and now the network seems to be giving him more space to criticize the president. Needless to say, Smith is taking every inch he can get.

In a segment focusing on the latest developments in Flynn’s story, Smith spent time toward the end of his show to give Fox News viewers the reality check they so desperately needed. In his message, the Fox host told viewers to stop insisting that Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI. Smith mocked these ignorant viewers and imitated them as he said:


I’ve been reading from some of you, ‘Flynn didn’t lie, stop it, stop it’.”

Smith followed that up with some reality, hoping to actually get through to Trump’s senseless base. He said:

Find something defensible. That’s not it. The president said he lied. The vice president said he lied. Robert Mueller said he lied. Incoming press secretary said he lied. FBI said he lied. He lied. Now we’ll see what happens.”

While we know Trump’s supporters are a lost cause, this kind of attitude is certainly different for Fox News and we hope to see more of it in the future. You can watch the segment below:

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