Fox News Host Just Humiliated Giuliani, Made Him Look Incompetent; Trump Will Hate This

It's not like it's terribly hard to do, but it still has to hurt.

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If you were completely comfortable with someone’s mental health, I would be willing to wager that the last thing you might talk about with them is, in fact, their mental health. It doesn’t actually come up in a conversation with someone that you’re not worried about, or at least, not in my experience.

So when Fox News host Howard Kurtz had Rudy Giuliani — former mayor, current presidential lawyer, eternal reminder of September 11 — on his show and proceeded to ask him about why other people might be asking about his mental health on other stations, it sounded an awful lot like when Donald Trump says “lots of people are saying.” It seemed like a way for him to bring it up without having to say anything directly.

Kurtz proceeded to quote Nicole Wallace, saying “Oh my god, Rudy needs to check his carbon monoxide monitors” then former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, who was more colorful:


His eyes are bulging while he’s talking and he looks disoriented.”

“Do you feel disoriented, Mr. Mayor?” asked Kurtz.

Rudy launched into an indictment of the press and of critics of the President, calling them “out of control” and using the tried and true (middle school) tactic of turning the insult back on those accusing him of it:

Doesn’t this give you an indication, Howie, of how completely disoriented the press is and how out of control they are, not only criticizing the president, but everybody around him?”

Rudy, in fact, didn’t think it was worth commenting on, proving that crazy people truly don’t understand that they are crazy. For the record, Giuliani, who in interviews appears to be roughly 35 percent eyeballs and 45 percent teeth, with the remainder accounted for by liver spots, does indeed at least look and act disoriented — which is why people comment on it in the first place.

Watch the exchange here:

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