FOX News Host Goes Off Script And Shocks GOP With What She Just Said

There's approximately a zero percent chance anyone anticipated this.

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If there’s any network that the 5 million members of the NRA feel like they can tune into without ever having to worry about any pesky reminders that there is a gun violence epidemic in America, it’s definitely Fox News.

In fact, that’s been a reliably true statement for 22 years, since the channel was founded — because the earliest fans of Fox often referred to the only real alternative, CNN, as the Clinton News Network, the executives at Fox have always understood that it must cater to the most extreme right and perhaps even radicalize moderate conservatives if possible if the network was to survive.

But over the years, one newscaster or another has, at times, found a voice that was contrary to the narrative that Fox promotes. Whether it’s Shep Smith who stubbornly stays at the network in an effort to change the dialogue, or any of the numerous female anchors who have left the network and sued their former employers, odds are good in any media situation that eventually you’re going to disagree with what your bosses want.


That has to be what was on Gretchen Carlson’s mind when she did a segment on her show called “My Take” shortly after the Orlando shooting.

In a complete 180­° from the standard Fox storyline, Carlson speculated that perhaps the only way Omar Mateen has been able to attack so many people was because he had such a high-capacity weapon — and that perhaps America would be well served by returning to the era of an assault weapons ban like the one that expired in 2004, which has never been renewed by Congress, despite study after study showing that mass shootings dropped dramatically during the ban.

Watch below as Gretchen asks questions you might never have imagined you’d hear a Fox host ask, and comes out in favor of an assault weapons ban:

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