Fox News Host Gets Slammed By Viewers After Admitting Trump Puts “Kids In Cages”

This is going to drive Trump wild.

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Yesterday was quite the day for the Department of Homeland Security as Donald Trump went on a firing spree. Up first was the forced resignation of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, followed very closely by the termination of Secret Service director Randolph “Tex” Alles.

Senior administration officials have been calling the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security a “systematic purge” — leaving many to wonder what Trump’s ultimate endgame is.

Reports have indicated that Nielsen was forced into resigning from her position because she wasn’t as tough on immigration at the southern border as the president wanted her to be — with many sources claiming that the Secretary and POTUS often disagreed, ending up in heated arguments, because Trump wanted her and her staff to blatantly break the law.


Following the uproar within the nations security department, Fox News host Shepard Smith unloaded on Nielsen as well as the Trump White House.

“President Trump says Kevin McAleenan will serve as acting homeland security secretary,” Smith began. “Right now he’s the commissioner of customs and border protection. This all comes after President Trump visited the border on Friday and said that he wanted to take a tougher approach on immigration. Tougher, apparently, than what we saw with kids in cages,” Shep said acutely.

While Shepard certainly wasn’t incorrect in his ferocious observation, conservative Twitter users were quick to go for his throat.

It’s not uncommon for Smith to be on the raw end of conservative flack these days, as he is one of the more centrist-leaning hosts on the far-right Fox News Network. At least somebody on there has a smidge of common sense.

You can watch Shepard’s takedown here:

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