Fox News Host Accidentally Admits That Russia Helped Trump Win 2016 Election

So much for 'a few Facebook posts.'

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Whether everyone wants to admit it or not, pretty much the entire country knows that Russia meddled in our 2016 election and ultimately punted Donald Trump to the top against the approval of a large percentage of the country. The Mueller report still leaves the facts pretty murky on how deeply the Trump campaign was involved in spreading the fruits of the Russian hacking, but it does clearly lay out that the connection exists.

This fact is so apparent that even Fox News can’t seem to keep it from slipping out of their mouths.

While many Republicans such as Jared Kushner want to claim the Russian interference was so minuscule that it only amounted to a “few Facebook ads,” a video posted by Media Matters for America’s Lis Power shows that Trump’s beloved news network seems to confirm what he all know to be true — Russia’s hack into our election is what landed Donald Trump his presidency.


Today on Fox News’ Outnumbered Melissa Francis stated to her cohosts that the only reason Democrats “care about Russia now because it cost them an election.”

There’s really no other way to slice that, is there? This wasn’t a Sarah Sanders “slip of the tongue.” This was a Fox News employee blatantly admitting that not only did Russia interfere with America’s 2016 election, they actually succeeded in swaying the vote in Donald Trump’s favor.

While Francis may think that she’s merely making a cheeky point, she’s really doing what all of the Republicans here lately seem to be best at — digging their own hole deeper and deeper.

And quite frankly, Democrats are pissed about Russia. We’re pissed that they hacked us. We’re pissed that they interfered. And yea, we’re pissed that, because of that, this nation has been stuck with our own version of a mini-dictatorship for nearly four years.

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