Fox News Hires Sarah Huckabee Sanders As Political Contributor, Network Announces

My guess? She'll appear a lot more than she ever did at press briefings.

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Thursday morning, Trump-friendly cable news network Fox announced they’re getting even friendlier than Fox and Friends has been to the President since he began his campaign — by hiring the woman who’s held exactly one job in the last three years: Lying for Donald Trump.

In fact, Fox and Friends will be the first show that Sanders appears on, according to the network — ironic, since her father has a show on Fox and seems the logical choice — but the Rupert Murdoch-owned media outlet says that the former Press Secretary will be offering political commentary “across Fox News’ on-air and digital properties.”

That means we can look forward to more clips of Sarah lying to America about easily disproved things that happened literally only moments before, as well as poorly-written diatribes about the press’ mistreatment of the President that will be published on the right-wing network’s website and breathlessly circulated across the conservative Twittersphere, Breitbart, AM radio shows, and eventually quoted by Trump himself.


I may be extrapolating a tiny bit of eventualities from this announcement, but come on. No, I’m not. This is exactly what will happen because the Trump administration was and is predictable, and Sarah Sanders is one of the main reasons why. “I’ve already addressed that,” anyone?

The announcement comes on the heels of the public realizing that former mouthpiece Sean Spicer will be on this season of ABC/Disney’s Dancing With The Stars, a move that has already sparked boycotts of the show. But Spicer getting a job on television isn’t new, and Sanders getting a spot at Fox comes as no surprise: She joins Hope Hicks and Raj Shah there, completing the installation of Trump’s entire original Ministry of Propaganda.

One only assumes that future Fox talking heads will include Stephanie Grisham and Hogan Gidley, the latter of whom has a name I continue to refuse to believe is real.

So I guess, welcome back to your old job, Sarah.

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