Fox News Destroys Kellyanne Conway For Lying About White House Security Clearances

She did NOT see that coming.

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Ms. “Alternative Facts” is at it again, but this time, Fox News, of all “respectable networks,” quickly put her in her place. In recent days, the New York Times reported on Donald Trump’s insistence that his son in law, Jared Kushner, receive a Security Clearance — despite major reservations displayed on behalf of intelligence officials.

However, Trump has nonchalantly disregarded intelligence officials, all starting with his pompous, bloviating speech to the FBI early in his Administration. Since then, the hard-working, highly respectable Americans working in governmental entities, like the FBI and CIA, have been unfairly scrutinized as “deep state” agents. It’s sad to see 4Chan conspiracy dolts completely taking over the Cheeto’s brain.

Chris Wallace, to every non-Fox News viewer, called out Kellyanne’s blatant, seemingly unapologetic hypocrisy:


Well, it is a subject that House Democrats were already planning to investigate, the whole question of how security clearances were handed out in the Trump White House … I would think there’s a Congressional subpoena in their future.”

With her typical smug, in-denial look, Conway retorted:

We don’t discuss security clearances. I’m not even going to discuss my own. The president has the absolute right to do what was described … but we’re not going to discuss that.”

First of all, her response represents the consistent theme of the Trump White House, where misinformation and deceit have become the norm (Abe Lincoln is rolling in his Grave, with his smokestack hat still on — how does he even do that?). But this is an incredibly serious matter, as Jared Kushner has potentially treasonous ties to the Saudi Government — a government that treats women as second-class citizens and kills international journalists that question its insidious motives.

The potential conflicts of interest between the Saudi Regime and Jared Kushner would be a red flag to any reasonable President, but Trump isn’t one. Granting Top-Level Security Clearances to family, absent requisite expertise, takes precedence over the security of the United States in his mind.

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