Fox News Appeared To Speed Up Footage Of Trump Walking So He Appears To Look Less Sloppy, Twitter Responds

Do we laugh or cry?

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Fox News just can’t seem to make up their minds as to whether they love or hate this President.

On the one hand, he is the culmination of everything they’ve ever strived for: People questioning the very reality of daily events to the degree that the news can say anything it wants and viewers will decide if it’s even true.

On the other hand, the trade-off is that they are forever saddled with empowering and enabling easily the dumbest, most corrupt, shameless, worthless President ever to hold the office — not just in recent memory, or during the time that Fox has existed, but in all of American history.


So Fox vacillates between love and hate, and they sit on the fence ’til they sense what’s appropriate. Today they love Mr. Trump, and it’s probably a good thing for him because he’s having a particularly difficult day so far. After a speech in which the President began slurring words once again, combined with what appeared to be tell-tale signs of drug abuse or at the very least that he is unwell somehow, Trump was even seen walking in a way that appeared to lend even more credence to those theories.

Fox decided to help him along by speeding up the footage of him departing the area where he spoke, almost to a comical speed. It was apparent that they were altering the footage, since it was a split-screen at the time with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaking on the left side of the screen and the footage of Trump on the right — and McCarthy was speaking at a perfectly normal speed, meaning that it wasn’t some screw-up in the studio causing the feed to fast forward.

Twitter, likewise, was not sure whether to be amused or horrified.

It’s never a good thing when the general public is forced to wonder whether you’re a joke or a menace, but America has been doing just that since January of 2017.

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