Former GOP Congressman Asks Jesus For Forgiveness For Ever Being A Republican

I'd be ashamed too.

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While it’s certainly taken a good, long while for pretty much any Republicans to admit their shortcomings in regards to their support of Donald Trump, slowly but surely more and more are coming out of the woodwork with a meek, shameful “we fucked up.”

But one prominent former GOP member isn’t being so quiet when it comes to his deep regret for his former support of the Republican party as a whole — ultimately begging Jesus Christ himself for the forgiveness of his shortsightedness and support for such a cruel party.

House Republicans have spent their morning attempting to discredit former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony regarding the details of his Russia investigation and the subsequent 448-page report — during which MSNBC host and former GOP and Republican party member Joe Scarborough took to Twitter to express his bitter regret at ever having been a member of the cruel Republican party.


“Jesus, forgive me for ever being a Republican,” Scarborough’s simple but powerful tweet read.

Scarborough served three terms as a GOP Congressman in Florida, from 1995 to 2001 before he became the cable news commentator that we all know and love him for today.

In the very beginning of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign cycle, Joe was somewhat friendly towards the presidential-hopeful. But he quickly turned against Donald pretty much as soon as he took office and has been a harsh critic of the man ever since.

It seems that, unlike many other Republicans that have very sheepishly turned their back on the Republican Party and Donald Trump specifically, Scarborough is quite vocal in his deep regret for having ever associated with them in the first place and more than public with his absolute disdain of this President.

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