Former GM Worker Who Voted For Trump Went On Live TV To Rip POTUS A New One

Trump's fanbase is shrinking by the day.

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Donald Trump made so many promises to Americans, and every day of his presidency has been a letdown. Even his own supporters — the very people who voted for him — are disgusted and pissed off at how his presidency has gone down.

An example of a broken promise by Trump involves his vows to provide America with more jobs — which was ruined by General Motors’ announcement that they would be closing multiple plants, leaving hundreds of Americans without jobs before Christmas. When Trump heard this, he flipped out and tried his regular “tough talk,” threatening to pull government subsidies from GM and spewing his usual lies about how he has done more than any other POTUS to protect manufacturing jobs. Trump had stated at a rally:

The previous administration, they said, manufacturing’s never coming back, it’s gone! You’d need a magic wand. Well, we found the magic wand, and that’s actually — that’s actually going to be increasing by a lot in the next short while, because we have a lot of companies moving in.

But no one’s buying it. In response, a retired GM worker from Ohio went on CNN and ripped the president a new one on live television. Bursting Trump’s bubble of lies, the woman — who was a Trump voter — stated that many of her family members would be placed in terrible positions in the next few months thanks to the incompetent POTUS. She said:


Our jobs need to stay here. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s getting these people back to work.”

During the interview, CNN’s Poppy Harlow rolled back a clip of Trump making irresponsible comments about how he had a “magic wand” to fix jobs. Trump’s words were, “You voted for President Trump. Did he find the magic wand for these manufacturing jobs or do you find that comment offensive?” The retired GM worker was visibly disgusted and responded with:

I find it offensive. We are the magic wand. We are the people that kept GM here all that time. We are a caring community. We are a good work force. I felt we kept GM here, more than any President.”

Damn right. Trump hasn’t done sh*t to keep GM here. Trump thinks so highly of himself, he doesn’t realize his presidency is failing and that he’s destroying the country. You can watch the interview below:

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