Former Federal Prosecutor Mocks Trump’s Pathetic Responses To Mueller’s Questions, POTUS Seems Doomed

This doesn't look good for Trump at all!

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President Donald Trump and his pathetic legal team might have thought they had the upper hand because they were able to prepare written responses for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but a former federal prosecutor has just rained on their parade.

In an appearance on MSNBC, ex-prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah slammed Trump and his lawyers and gave America hope that Trump doesn’t stand a chance against Mueller. During the segment, Rocah interpreted what was going on between Mueller and Trump’s most flawed, unhinged attorney, Rudy Giuliani. She also addressed reports that Trump is not allowing special counsel investigators to interview him, despite his statements to the public stating quite the opposite. Rocah said:

We’re hearing this — remember — not from Mueller and his people, but from Trump and Giuliani. We know Mueller’s team doesn’t leak, so this is put out by someone on Trump’s side or team — whatever you want to call it — with some agenda.”

Rocah also stated that the written interview responses were about Trump’s conspiracy with Russia, not so much the part about Trump committing obstruction – so she said an interview related to the obstruction of justice probe could still happen. Rocah said:


I have never done a written interview, I don’t know any prosecutor who has or would ever want to. I think this just is a compromise, I think if he really needed the interview — the information from Trump on the collusion piece — he would … make him come in for an interview by subpoena and fight over a subpoena if he had to. I think he’s just not wasting his time with that.”

Rocah mocked the written responses from Trump and his attorneys, stating they might be “completely worthless or just a little bit worthless.” She sent Trump a slight warning when she said, “I believe that Mueller has a plan to get this information out to the American public, he’s already been doing it.”

The indictments that have been filed so far, the motions in court, whenever he has the opportunity to speak — which is limited because he adheres to the, you know, FBI and prosecutors only speak in publicly filed documents, court papers, etc. — when he has that opportunity, he leaves bread crumbs. He puts in more than he absolutely needs to, to explain what’s going on and give us hints as to where he’s going.”

Trump should know by now that he can’t fool or outsmart Mueller, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught. You can watch the interview below:

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