Former Chief Of Staff John Kelly Was Asked About Trump’s Intelligence, His Response Says It All

Trump is not going to like this!

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Donald Trump’s assertion that he is a “stable genius” is one of the most hilarious claims he’s made during his presidency, especially considering that “stable” and “genius” aren’t words that describe any aspect of the president. And having worked closely with the president for a good part of his disastrous presidency, one of Trump’s closest former officials is not willing to keep up that lie anymore.

Recently, former White House chief of staff John Kelly was asked whether he was in agreement with Trump’s own opinion of himself regarding the “stable genius” comment, and what resulted is going to have Trump in fits. Kelly was asked this while onstage at the SALT Conference yesterday with none other than former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who Kelly had fired just a week and a half into Scaramucci’s role in the White House.

The men seemed to have patched up their differences, as Kelly stated, “I couldn’t be prouder than I am right now to share the stage with you” while the men spoke about their time in the White House and various other topics. Eventually, Scaramucci asked Kelly for his opinion about the way Trump praises himself, which came around to the “stable genius” boast. Let’s just say Kelly’s nonresponse to that question was a response all in itself. Not only was Kelly’s hesitance to answer it extremely obvious, he completely avoided the “stable genius” comment — which was so apparent that the audience actually laughed. Instead, Kelly said:


I wouldn’t pass judgment on either one of those. I mean… He’s a smart man. He’s an accomplished man. He feels very very strongly that he ran on an agenda and he’s trying to follow through on the agenda, which is kind of unique for a politician.”

“Unique” is one way to put it. But we can all agree that Trump is nowhere near any of the qualities he brags about — and Kelly knows it, too.

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