Eric Trump Responds To The Results Of Mueller Report By Celebrating On Twitter, May Live To Regret It

Eric Trump may be eating his words very soon.

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As Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller report is becoming public Donald Trump’s son, Eric appears to be doing some pretty serious bragging on Twitter — but chances are, his celebration of victory is quite premature.

Bear in mind that the full contents of the Mueller report have not been released, nor do we know when or even if they will be. But Eric Trump doesn’t seem to think that matters — tweeting a response to Jim Acosta saying “What part of ‘No American conspired or worked with Russia to influence the 2016 campaign’ is unclear?”

The Trump family, Eric especially, appear to be doing a happy dance over one sentence of Barr’s summary on the report, while completely ignoring the fact that daddy dearest along with the majority of people connected to him are FAR from out of hot water. There are several entities, the largest of which is the Southern District of New York, that are still out for Trump blood — and it could stand to reason that Mueller wrapped up his report in a less than comprehensive manner to assist those entities in doing just that.


In fact, it has been discussed that SDNY may face difficulties in prosecuting Trump and members of his administration based on double jeopardy laws as well as the DOJ’s inability to outright indict a sitting president — especially considering that Trump has the ability to simply pardon his family members on federal charges.

However, it appears that Mueller may have purposefully unclear so that SDNY would then be able to bring up state charges on the involved parties as well as POTUS himself without the risk of pardoning or the restrictions of the DOJ’s indictment.

Eric Trump may very well be eating his words very soon if Mueller’s tactics were a means to an end, as we expect. And quite frankly, we can’t wait to see that happen.

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