Elizabeth Warren Reacts To John Kelly’s Sexist Emails About Her, Explains What Really Happened

Misogyny seems like a requirement for the Trump White House.

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After news came out on Thursday that Donald Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, had been tripped up in what he thought was a private email exchange which was later uncovered through a Freedom of Information Act request, it left many wondering what could have led him to so brazenly call Senator Elizabeth Warren an “impolite, arrogant woman” in such a sexist way.

The fact that he’s “old school” only goes so far — the old white guys who have been running America for generation after generation have at least some decent human beings among them, and certainly not all of them are sexist. Likewise, not all ex-Marine Generals believe that even as mere Cabinet members they can talk down to a US Senator the way Kelly did when he addressed Senator Warren like that from his office at Homeland Security — where he worked before he moved to the West Wing.

The problem, dear readers, is that John Kelly seems to be a bit of a snowflake.


How do we know? Well, very helpfully, Senator Warren was amused enough by the publication of the email that she emailed a reporter the backstory involved in the exchange they shared:

Talk about impolite and arrogant! To think that a Senator, simply because she’s a woman, would have to deal with gaslighting from a man who should understand the chain of command better than almost anyone in government, is absolutely ludicrous.

The fact is, like Donald Trump, John Kelly has no respect for not just anyone he thinks he is superior to, but women in general. That was clear when we found out about his treatment of Omarosa Manigault-Newman as she was on her way out of the White House staff, and it’s even more clear now.

Kelly should be ashamed of himself. He won’t be, but he should.

Featured image via Elizabeth Warren/Flickr

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