Election Analysis Predicts Midterm Turnout, Terrified Republicans Will Use Dirty Trick To Win

This is truly disgusting damage control.

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A new election tracker has just made a terrifying prediction for the Republican Party: It looks like there’s going to be a giant blue wave, and the GOP only has an impossible 25 days to stop it.

On CNN, polling expert Harry Enten introduced several scenarios for the midterm elections that would be absolutely devastating for the GOP. Using a graphics board to demonstrate the scenarios, Enten announced his prediction that “Democrats are going to have control”:

Democrats are going to have control. We think they will get 229 seats to Republicans only 206. and you need 218 for a majority. So right now we think that the Democrats have the best chance for a majority.

I have looked back through history and this is simply the best that we can do. I’d rather be honest with the audience and say, ‘you know what, we have what we think is the most likely scenario, which is this, but it could be as bad for the Democrats as this or it could be as good as this.’”

Enten even stated that there was a scenario where Democrats could end up with a massive win which would leave them with 262 as a result of the horrific leadership of Trump and the GOP. You can watch this announcement below:


But Republicans already know they’re in big trouble and are resorting to dirty tricks to make up for all the damage Trump has done. The GOP knows that the midterms are going to see a huge turnout of voters due to Republican controversies, and they’re desperate. The Daily Beast reported that the Republican Party is going to be using five voter-suppression techniques to prevent people from voting against them, because they know these tactics target people who aren’t white. These five tactics are:

Closing polling places in communities of color
Purging eligible voters from the rolls without their knowledge
Barring felons from voting
Voter ID laws
Eliminating early voting

The GOP knows that minority voters are a major threat, as they’re not into the Republican Party’s pro-white agenda and are likely to vote Democrat. By using voter restriction, the Republicans hope to do some kind of damage control to help them win in a very bleak situation. That’s why it’s more important than ever that Democrats vote in excess to make up for any dirty schemes the GOP tries to pull.

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