Draft-Dodging Trump Questions Patriotism Of Military: If They Were “Real Patriots,” They’d Refuse Pay Raise

Trump insists you can take him at his word, and sometimes we should.

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When Trump voters are asked why they chose the failed real estate magnate for President over someone who actually knows what they’re doing in government, they invariably tell you it’s because he “says what he means” — meaning, they think people are “too PC” and should be more like them.

I personally prefer people in positions of global leadership to actually be smarter than me, but perhaps that puts me in a minority in a country where the biggest metric for the presidency was once whether you’d like to have a beer with a candidate or not.

The problem with Trump is, now that folks have bought the cow, they have to drink whatever milk comes from it. They wanted the unvarnished audacity of a non-politician, and they got it.


They got themselves a President who says things like “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” — when even the staunchest Trump supporter had to have known that GM would eventually lay off thousands of workers over Trump’s steel tariffs.

They bet on and won a President who said “I will have Mexico pay for that wall,” despite the downright absurdity of thinking a foreign country would pay for a domestic infrastructure project.

But among the most ridiculous things Donald Trump ever said was that he understood or cared about the military. He’s said it too many times to distill it down to one dumb quote, but he’s been adamant: Nobody was ever as good with the military as he has been.

In fact, if you had to pick just one instance of Trump being tone-deaf and possibly brain-dead when it comes to the military, you might just have to quickly scroll past the time he said overseas military ballots shouldn’t be counted in the midterm election and go straight to that time when he declared, in front of a group of soldiers, that if they were actual patriots, they would refuse a pay raise.

Trump has never needed money, so he scoffed that the soldiers in attendance must not actually love America if they were willing to take a meager increase in pay of less than 3 percent. Watch how casually he says it — just like you would, right Trump voters?

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