Donald Trump Jr.’s Former Mistress Calls Him Out For His Own Hush Money Fiasco During Cohen Testimony

Welp, THIS was unexpected!

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Today is NOT a good day for Donald Trump or his most irritating son, Donald Trump Jr. Not only has Michael Cohen completely destroyed both men with his testimony today, but the former personal attorney for Trump has inspired other people to come forward and expose the Trumps.

Donald Trump Jr. has been very busy on Twitter today, pathetically attempting to protect his father — but he should have been focusing on himself instead. As Cohen gave his testimony and spoke about the hush money payments involving the president to cover up his extramarital affairs, a former mistress of Trump Jr.’s let the cat out of the bag.

Aubrey O’Day, a pop star who allegedly had an affair with Trump Jr. when they met on the set of The Celebrity Apprentice, confessed on Twitter today that “Cohen came to me also,” ensuring that Trump Jr.’s bad day was going to get a hell of a lot worse!


While O’Day didn’t offer any other proof, she didn’t have to — three other sources have come forward to say Cohen was responsible for shutting down a big 2013 story that was going to publicize the affair between O’Day and the president’s son.

This was also confirmed by Omarosa Manigault Newman, who wrote in her memoir that the president actually encouraged his son to find “some ass” while he was married to Vanessa. Omarosa wrote:

I remember being disgusted, thinking, Donald, what are you talking about? Your son is married. His wife is pregnant.”

Omarosa also confirmed the affair between O’Day and Trump Jr.

Aubrey and I knew each other in LA, so when she did the show, she called me to ask for advice. I next heard from her when she started seeing Don Jr. She told me, ‘He’s leaving his wife. They basically aren’t together anymore. They’re separated.’ I didn’t believe that.

‘Don Jr. is not leaving Vanessa,’ I said. Like father like son.

The next time I saw Aubrey at a diner in LA, she showed me very personal photos that Don Jr. had sent to her, a long chain of dirty texts between them. If she hadn’t shown me those photos and texts, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Looks like Trump Jr. should be focusing on his own mess!

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