Donald Trump Jr. Just Committed Perjury, Lied To Congress; Faces Major Jail Time

He could be the first of the Trump family to land himself in prison.

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Missing from the news this evening about Michael Cohen’s willingness to testify before Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a very interesting angle — not that Donald Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting, which many in the news media, including DC Tribune, already suspected, but that his son is automatically implicated in a crime because of this information.

When Don Junior testified before Congress he told them unequivocally that he did not speak to his father about the Trump Tower meeting, and that he knew his father had no knowledge of the meeting. Now, Junior was not under oath, but in a Congressional hearing, an oath is not necessary, since it is a federal crime to lie to Congress. Incidentally, the penalty requires jail time of at least one month but not more than 12 months — the latter of which is likely in such a high-profile case.

To be fair, there was a lot of “I don’t know,” and “I don’t remember” happening during that testimony, and pictures of it depicted the President’s son smirking as though he could never be touched. But he very definitely said that Trump Senior knew nothing about the meeting.



Now we know he was lying the entire time, and that his father’s former lawyer is willing to testify to the Special Counsel about that fact.

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