Don Jr. Was Asked About Trump Tower Meeting On Fox News, Looks Directly Into The Camera And Lies To The American People

He does it without thinking twice.

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Even after having lied to Congress about the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the Trump Tower Moscow affair in the past, it looks like Donald Trump, Junior is ready to risk even more charges — and possible prison time — by doing public interviews in which he continues to lie about the very same thing.

It’s sorely tempting to chalk up Trump media behavior to a fundamental misunderstanding of how federal investigations work — or what kinds of things count as “official statements” — but the fact is, I honestly believe the problem is that the Trump family honestly believes, without pause, that rules do not apply to them, and that they will simply be exonerated of any wrongdoing by the sheer power of their popularity among the Trump base.

After all, there’s nothing that Trump Jr. or his father ever tweets that doesn’t get tens of thousands of retweets — ever. The insular nature of a friendly social media audience has created an echo chamber inside which the Trumps never hear a whisper of accountability. That’s the only possible explanation because the only alternative to that is that everyone in the entire family is irredeemably, unequivocally, blindingly stupid.


I’m also a fan of that theory, but don’t actually believe it’s true. They’re just too smarmy — which leads right back to them believing they’re untouchable.

Watch this clip between Don Jr. and Laura Ingraham from just a few days ago, after Trump’s head defense lawyer Rudy Giuliani made a mess of the entire investigation (again) by admitting that talks about Trump Tower Moscow went on well into 2016, even during the election and beyond:

Not only does Junior lie about not knowing anything about the talks — which have already been revealed to have included regular updates to him and his sister Ivanka by multiple witnesses — but he does it with the same exact tone and bravado as his father.

Without shame, without conscience, and without a prayer once Robert Mueller gets ahold of him.

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