Don Jr. Tries To Give Joe Biden Unsolicited Ethics Advice On Twitter, Users Respond: “How Do You Say These Things And Not Burst Into Flames?”

Who's the pot and who's the kettle here?

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Donald Trump has found himself in an epic amount of shit after he was busted by a whistleblower for a shady call with the Ukranian president where he attempted to solicit a foreign government for political gain in the election AGAIN.

Ultimately, the whole scandal resulted in a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump, which has left his entire administration (including his kids) scrambling to cover their own asses as well as Donald’s in a quick kind of way — considering Rep. Adam Schiff has been waiting for this moment since day one and has wasted absolutely no time in steamrolling the proceedings.

But, like usual, when a member of that circus attempts to do any sort of damage control they just end up making themselves look like an even bigger idiot.


And guys, today, Trump’s son Don Jr.’s stupid was really showing.

In an effort to deflect the scandal off of his father, Jr. took to his Twitter account and attempted to give some unsolicited and rather hypocritical ethics advice to former Vice President and 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden.

Why didn’t @JoeBiden recuse himself from dealing with Ukraine? His son was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company that had been investigated by the prosecutor who Joe pushed to be fired. At the VERY LEAST, there’s the appearance of impropriety. A clear conflict of interest,” Jr.’s sanctimonious tweet read.

Now we knew that the whole crew would start acting like asshats of the highest power just as soon as Madame Speaker opened her mouth last Wednesday. Buy guys, this is some rich bullshit coming from the mouth of the Supreme Skeeve, Donald Trump Jr. And don’t you think for a hot second that Twitter didn’t let him know about it:

Check yo self, Junior.

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