Don Jr Made “Me Too” Joke At His Dad’s NC Rally: “Do You Think The Media’s Gonna Sue Me For Harassment?”

He is just as disgusting as his dad.

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In case you’ve ever wondered if Donald Trump’s spawn and namesake Donald Trump Jr. shared more than just his father’s name, this article is your answer to that question.

President Trump is a creep of epic proportions. He’s publicly made statements about forcibly kissing and grabbing women by their genitals simply because he can. He’s famous so they “let you do it.”

Add his public statements to the fact that he’s been credibly accused of rape or sexual misconduct by two dozen different women and that he was best buds with child molester Jeffrey Epstein before he met his untimely demise in a Manhattan prison, and it’s easy to see that he’s nothing more than a piece of shit rapist who contributes nothing to this world other than an uptick in pepper spray and self-defense class sales.


And when it comes to his equally creepy son, it’s all just one big fucking joke.

During a Trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina last night, Don Jr., along with a few other Trump sycophants including former Fox News anchor and Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, “opened” for Donald and it seemed that Jr. found it to be the perfect opportunity to crack a few jokes at the expense of the #MeToo movement — the very same movement that has empowered women around the world to finally find their voices and speak out against people just like his father.

In the process of Jr. and Guilfoyle trading places on the stage, the Trump spawn gave his girlfriend a kiss before popping off with, “I will not be getting #MeToo’d this evening, alright?” according to a report from the Washington Post.

Jr. peddled the claim that the media may sue him, so he wanted to ensure that everyone knew she consented.

“Kimberly may #MeToo me later but that’s a different story,” he disgustingly added.

Seems that “sense of humor” Trump brags about definitely runs in the damn family.

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