Don Jr. Loses It, Declares War Against Democrats In New Twitter Rant

Be careful what you wish for, Junior.

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Almost immediately after the announcement by Maine Republican Susan Collins that she would defy the majority of her constituents and vote to confirm Donald Trump’s totally unsuitable Supreme Court nominee, there was a shift in the national conversation from fighting against Kavanaugh’s confirmation to trying to decide what should be done about it now that it seems a foregone conclusion.

But the conversation isn’t just being held by those opposed to the ideological shift in the Supreme Court from the right to the extreme right. The President’s own son weighed in just after Senator Collins’ announcement, and his proclamation was… well, terrifying:


That’s right, Donald Trump Junior just declared war not just on Democrats, but on the vast majority of Americans who oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court. The most recent polling available showed high support among Republicans for Kavanaugh, but only 31 percent — less than a third — of Americans of all political stripes endorsed the nominee.

Of course, his tweet begs the question, what does Donald Trump Junior think that Brett Kavanaugh did that would allow Democrats to impeach him if and when they take back control of one or both houses of Congress?

The simple answer is, Kavanaugh lied under oath. In fact, he could be brought up on perjury charges, which would force a full investigation, rather than the sham that was just perpetrated on America by Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee and President Trump. Kavanaugh lied about his yearbook entries, he lied about ever having “attended any gathering like the one [Dr. Ford] described,” and he lied about his drinking habits. All of these things would be proven with relative ease after the Democrats win in November.

That has Junior and the rest of the GOP rightly worried — they may have doomed the Party for a generation by forcing the confirmation of a detestable nominee, and in the process, not even gotten what they wanted in the long term.

War indeed. If Junior wants a war, he can expect a battle at the polls in a month.

All of the generals will be women.

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