Don Jr. Just Responded To Claims His Family Is Profiting From Trump’s Presidency

There's something 'ridiculous' going on here, alright.

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For a man that swore up and down throughout his campaign that he was here to work for the people so much so that he’d be donating his presidential salary every year, Donald Trump sure has made more than a dime or two off of his position of power as the president of the United States.

Countless events have been held on his properties, at his suggestion. All of his little cronies do their very best to write a check to him at any given opportunity — even if that means staying at a Trump hotel that’s 200 plus miles away from where you actually need to be. Military planes are stopping way out of the way to fuel up at airports close to his properties.

Oh, and all of the golf — that he generally plays at one of his own resorts, no less.


Members of Congress, as well as the American public, are quickly catching on to the fact that, whether he’s keeping his checks at the end of the year or not, Donnie is lining his pockets thanks to the fact that he’s calling the White House home.

But nonetheless, Trump spawn Donnie Jr. really wants you to stop talking about it.

In a recent Fox and Friends segment host, Brian Kilmeade urged Donald Trump Jr. to give his response to the allegations of the Trump family profiting off if his father’s position within the government — using the recent Scottish airport debacle as an example.

“It’s ridiculous,” Jr. proclaimed. “First of all, he’s not involved at all with such things. They also neglect to talk about the fact that we voluntarily stopped doing any international deals.”

“I mean, just think of the opportunity cost. The amount of deals that I’ve done over the last ten years, extrapolate that over the eight years of what will be his presidency. That’s a lot of deals,” he continued. “They talk about, ‘Someone bought a cheeseburger at the Trump hotel!’ It’s asinine.”

There’s a whole lot of “asinine” things going on with your father’s presidency, Junior. But I’m not so sure that’s one of them. Trust, there’s far bigger fish to fry than a “cheeseburger” when it comes to your corrupt, obstructing, no good, piece of shit daddy.

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