Democratic 2020 Candidate Just Found The Best Way To Piss Off Trump During First Major Speech

Trump should just quit now!

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This upcoming presidential election is NOT going to be a fun one for Trump. Already, he’s facing an extremely hostile political environment and more popular Democratic candidates than he can keep track of — and they’re not going to play nice with him. The Democratic Party has been reinvigorated after watching his horrific presidency and cannot wait to go head to head with him — and they know just how to get under his skin.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) recently announced her bid for the 2020 election and has decided the perfect location for her first major campaign speech later this month: Right outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City! Is there anything that would piss Trump off more?!

This speech is scheduled for March 24th, and it’s her latest move against Trump. Her first, when she released her brutal announcement video, blatantly suggested that Trump was a white nationalist as she spoke over footage of neo-Nazi demonstrators and Trump with a crowd of his supporters. She said in the video:


Brave doesn’t spread hate. Cloud truth. Build a wall. That’s what fear does.”

Gillibrand has been a harsh Trump critic and had even called for the president to resign in 2017. She has previously said that she would “run for president of the United States because as a young mom, I’m going to fight for other people’s kids as hard as I fight for my own” and has also stated that America needed the opposite of Trump — a leader who could take on “institutional racism,” “corruption and greed in Washington” and “special interests that write legislation in the dead of night.”

There are 17 Democratic candidates as of right now, and if Gillibrand’s plans are any indication of what the president is going up against, he should be scared. Very scared.

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