Delusional Trump Takes A Dig At Biden, Brags His Looks And Brain Are Better Than His

His ego really knows no boundaries.

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Donald Trump is worried sick about several the Democratic candidates that are campaigning against him, whether he wants to admit it or not. He’s made that pretty clear through incessant berating, bullying, and name calling both on his Twitter account and even in public speeches or meetings with the press. He’s certainly never been one to take the “high road,” and usually just opts for kicking sand in your face like a schoolyard bully.

At first, it seemed Trump’s biggest concern was Bernie Sanders. That was, of course, until ole Joe Biden put his dog in the fight.

Ever since Biden announced his bid, Trump’s fragile mental health has been flaring up — leaving the president to take a dig at his opponent at every given opportunity. He’s come up with ridiculous nicknames, had a meltdown on the firefighters’ union, and even tried to send his own lawyer to a foreign country in an attempt to turn up dirt on Biden’s son. But this last dig may be stretching the truth a little farther than even the Republicans can believe — when he boasted that both his looks and his brains surpass his adversary’s.


Both Joe, 76, and Trump, 72,  are the oldest candidates in the running so far. But Trump’s pat on his own back came in response this morning to a remark made by MSNBC’s Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough, in which he stated that Trump, “looks like he’s about 20 years younger than a lot of Democratic candidates.”

“He can engage the audience,” Scarborough stated in the segment. “He can engage viewers, despite the hateful rhetoric, despite everything else. You can see that guy is gearing up for 2020. And yes, Democrats, he’s going to be hard to beat.”

The Washington Examiner released an article summarizing Scarborough’s remarks to which Donald commented saying, “Thank you Joe and remember, the BRAIN is much sharper also!”

Guess he’s ignoring those warning signs of dementia along with the rest of the Republican party.

Donald can talk shit all he wants. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s still crying to his aides behind closed doors because he knows that Biden is his biggest threat.

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