Day After Trump Bullies A Dead John McCain on Twitter, Melania Hosts “Be Best” Meeting To Promote Social Media Kindness

America is going to crucify her for this.

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It appears that Donald Trump even has his wife covering his behind. Or at least very least, making her own name for herself as a hypocritical asshat bearing the Trump last name.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a big bully. He’s the type that would kick sand in your eyes on the playground and take your lunch money every day. While he has tons of great examples of this behavior, he’s made his browbeating conduct extra apparent over the last few days as he’s monopolized on the New Zealand massacre and tormented everyone from a dead Senator John McCain to an innocent group of Fox News reporters.

The irony of it all is the fact that Trump’s not-so-pro-immigrant-but-actually-is-an-immigrant wife, Melania, is kicking off her week by promoting her “Be Best” social media kindness campaign.


Now, absolutely no one can ignore how rich that is, considering her very own husband is the keyboard warrior of the century. His Twitter page is comparable to the floor of a Wal-Mart aisle for my five-year-old — the perfect place to throw a hissy fit, complete with feet stomping, kicking, and a whole lot of yelling things that don’t even make sense.

Contradictory to her husband’s typical behavior, Melania spent this morning hosting her first Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs meeting — where she basically pumped up PR for her “Be Best” program.

CNN reported that “First Lady Melania Trump will add another component to her Be Best program by showcasing how multiple government agencies interact with youth and working with the groups to improve youth programs.”

Melania stated upon the opening of the meeting that her mission through the program is “to enhance the lives of children everywhere.” And the three pillars of her program are “well-being, online safety, and opioid abuse.”

We’re assuming that her husband is exempt from the requirements and we’re gonna go ahead and guess that she means “children everywhere” EXCEPT the brown ones that her husband currently has locked in cages.

In fact, funnily enough, as Melania was holding her “Be Best” meeting, her hubby was raging up a Twitter storm over GM and the UAW,  former VP Joe Biden, and patting himself on the back for his approval rating among the GOP.

Doesn’t Melania know that change starts at home?

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