Damning Report Says Mueller’s Prosecutors Believed They Had “Sufficient Evidence” To Charge Trump

This is going to ruin Trump's week!

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Many Americans were shocked that the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t explicitly end up with the president being criminally charged for all of his unethical, horrific actions. This led to Donald Trump bragging about his “innocence” on Twitter — but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. According to a new report, there were prosecutors on Mueller’s team that did think they could bring criminal charges against Trump, but that the law prevented them from doing so.

Journalist Murray Waas reported that sources close to Mueller’s investigation told him that at least two of Mueller’s prosecutors felt they had enough evidence to charge Trump, but did not follow through due to the Department of Justice’s unofficial policy stating a sitting president could not be indicted.

Waas wrote that the prosecutors told DOJ officials that “had it not been for the unique nature of the case — the investigation of a sitting president of the United States, and one who tried to use the powers of his office to thwart and even close down the special counsel’s investigation — they would have advocated that he face federal criminal charges.”


While this is extremely unfortunate for America, it does make Trump look incredibly stupid. He already looked like a fool for claiming that Mueller’s report exonerated him when it didn’t, but now that a few prosecutors have come forward to say there was “sufficient evidence” against him, Trump is far from in the clear. Also in the report was the inclusion of several instances where the president might have obstructed justice.

While it’s quite depressing news to know that Trump was not charged and held accountable for his actions merely because of a policy about sitting presidents, it validates what many Americans already know about Trump — he belongs behind bars.

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