Compare Trump’s Tweets When Hurricane Was Heading Towards Puerto Rico Versus Now, When It’s About To Hit Florida

Notice anything?

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If it’s a secret that Donald Trump hates brown people, it’s the worst-kept secret in American history. He’s done everything from calling them rapists, animals, and an infestation to literally seeking out green cards to revoke if the holder ever knew someone who once said something critical of him, or didn’t, or was just brown.

But sometimes his hatred of people who are colors other than white or orange manifests itself in ways that are less pronounced — but more deadly.

When Tropical Storm Dorian began to form, it was widely predicted to hit Puerto Rico hard, perhaps hard enough to require another massive cleanup and rescue effort, when the island is still not quite finished recovering from the last major storm to hit, Hurricane Maria.


But during Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump took an immediately adversarial stance toward the US territory — so cruel that many wondered if perhaps Trump wasn’t aware that Puerto Rico was part of the United States at all. He had public fights with the governor, the mayor of the capital, and with Congressional Democrats who demanded he treat it as the emergency that it was.

This time around, Trump appeared poised to do the same:

He was clearly blaming the people of Puerto Rico for needing help in the first place, and starting in on the same nonsense with the government there. But then the weather predictions changed, and as Tropical Storm Dorian became Category 2 Hurricane Dorian, it turned toward Florida and his “Winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago.

Is it his real estate there? Is it the white people? Is it the 29 electoral votes? Whatever the reason, Trump’s tone took on a much more appropriate sound when Dorian shifted toward the panhandle of America’s southeast:

Gosh! Now it even seems like he’s concerned with people’s safety! He’s even designating it with the official Trump Description, “One Of The Biggest™”!

I think you know what’s going on here.

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