Cohen Testimony Blows Up After He’s Forced To Postpone Due To “Threats” From Trump

This is just insane.

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While most of the country is in agreement that Donald Trump is far from an innocent man, he sure doesn’t know how to pretend to be one. All throughout his multiple investigations, the president himself has been the one to blow his cover and give Special Counsel Robert Mueller the most damning, incriminating evidence. And what’s just being reported now is definitely not going to help him at all.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former longtime lawyer who was responsible for covering up Trump’s many extramarital affairs and wrongdoings, has had to postpone his testimony before Congress because apparently, Trump and his unhinged lawyer Rudy Giuliani have been sending him “threats.” Because that’s what innocent people do, right?!

Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis has stated that these threats to his family have become a major concern for Cohen and he would like to postpone his testimony:


Now, Trump has been worried about Cohen since his lawyer saw the light and decided to flip, tired of being abused by Trump and thrown under the bus. However, this really takes things to a completely different level. Whatever Cohen has on Trump, it has got to be damaging for the president and Giuliani to go after him like this.

Trump, as usual, has only managed to make himself look worse with his pathetic attempts to rescue himself. Now that this is out, it becomes nearly impossible to argue that the president isn’t hiding something extremely damaging that could possibly ruin him and put him behind bars for good. Trump supporters must be devastated to see their president completely unraveling and already acting like a criminal who is trying to dig his way out of a hole he made.

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