Clothing Company Finds Brilliant Way To Use Trump’s MAGA Hats, POTUS Is Going To Explode

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Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again hats have been a major eyesore in our country (as well as the constant image of his orange face and that terrible hairstyle). The MAGA hats that Trump and his supporters so proudly wear and promote are not only a harsh reminder that we have a terrible president but stand for bigoted values that the majority of us thought America had moved past decades ago.

Fortunately, someone found a better use for those hats. Canadian lifestyle brand and clothing company Peace Collective partnered with ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo to find a brilliant way to repurpose those hats to accomplish a far more noble goal (and one that will make Trump furious). Ad Week reports that in a new campaign called #UnravelHate, Trump’s precious red hats are being used to tell the stories of immigrant and refugees (and of course, welcome them to Canada). Ad Week reported:

For many immigrants, refugees and other people of color already established in America, the deceptively plain-looking MAGA hat represents an ideology that could cost them their security, their health and their lives.”

In the ad, several immigrants and refugees share their stories and talk about how the MAGA makes them feel, noting that the hat is a symbol for division, anger, and hatred. Throughout the video, the white threaded lettering is taken off the MAGA hat, and put onto a new red hat that says “Welcome to Canada.” Roman Hessary, the co-founder at Peace Collective, said:


We have an opportunity to tell the world that acceptance is stronger than hate, so the idea was to take a symbol of division and completely transform it.”

It’s a brilliant message, and we’re happy those MAGA hats will actually serve a useful purpose now. You can watch the ad below:

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