Cincinnati Mayor On Trump During His Ohio Rally: “I Laughed Watching Him Ask If I Was A Democrat Before Attacking Me”

We just knew he'd have a great comeback!

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Last night Trump held a 2020 re-election rally in Cincinnati, Ohio where he managed to make a complete fool out of himself for the umpteenth time of his presidency.

Trump was in the middle of demonizing the Democratic party and blaming them for “572 people” who were “murdered in Chicago last year” when a protest broke out in the US Bank Arena — causing a very long and awkward pause as Donald gawkishly wandered across the stage. That is, until he decided he might like to disparage Cincinnati’s mayor a bit. But before he could do so, he had to shout off the stage to make sure that the mayor was actually a Democrat. And lucky for us, it was all caught on tape.


After Trump’s little faux pas, we all patiently awaited a response from Cincinnati’s very Democratic mayor, John Cranley. And folks, he did not disappoint.

In an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cranley told the newspaper, “(My son) Joseph and I laughed this morning watching Trump on YouTube have to ask if the mayor was a Democrat before attacking me.”

Cranley then went on to point out that his city of Cincinnati, a very small blue portion of an otherwise red state, has actually done noticeably better than the GOP-dominated areas around them.

“Ohio has been run by Republicans for decades and has been declining for decades,” the mayor stated.

“Since Cincinnati has been run by strong Democratic mayors – (Charlie) Luken, (Mark) Mallory and me,” John added. “we have bucked Ohio’s decline and are growing again because we embrace our diversity and have made meaningful public/private investments in education, infrastructure, and jobs.”

Do you think Trump will ever realize what a fucking joke he really is?

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