Bob Mueller Made A Move That Is His Most Shocking Yet; Issues Subpoena For Major Player In Russia Probe

The puzzle pieces are forming a map.

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Robert Mueller, in a move that shocked everyone watching the ongoing Russia investigation, has issued a subpoena for testimony from noted conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi. The author, whose books Where’s The Birth CertificateWho Really Killed Kennedy, and Killing the Deep State: The Fight To Save President Trump have been best-sellers among those keen to believe the same type of far-flung theories, is a friend of Trump associate Roger Stone, who you may know from the investigation and the fact that his own assistant just got sentenced to prison for refusing to testify in the case.

Corsi will be asked, according to this report in the New York Times, about his knowledge of how Stone could possibly have come to predict in 2016 that material damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign would be published by WikiLeaks well in advance of that actually happening.

The subpoena was confirmed by Corsi’s lawyer, David Gray, who said both that he expects the line of questioning to be regarding Corsi’s communications with Stone and that he and his client fully intend to cooperate with the subpoena.


Corsi was a touchstone for Trump during his own “birther” days, and Trump would often contact him for information or insight in his quest to find Barack Obama’s “real” birth certificate. That effort, although laughable now, was a perfect snapshot of the type of subversive racism Trump would take with him into the presidential campaign and eventually his administration.

Corsi has also been a pivot man for another Trump favorite, Alex Jones, whose InfoWars broadcasts, although now banned on nearly every platform they used to be shown on, focused on the same conspiracist subjects that Corsi is best known for.

All of the attention seems to focus on connections to WikiLeaks, who have now been thoroughly implicated in the Russian interference charge.

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