Ben Carson Asked To Leave Baltimore Church Property Where He Tried To Hold A Press Conference About Trump’s Tweets

That's what he gets for trying to defend Trump's tweets.

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Just recently our “president,” Donald Trump publicly and harshly attacked one of the American cities that he swore to protect— lashing out at the city of Baltimore, referring to it as a “rat and rodent-infested mess” all because House Oversight Committee Chair Elijah Cummings was granted permission to subpoena the emails of Ivanka Trump as well as Jared Kushner, and he just happens to be from Baltimore, Maryland. We literally would’ve heard the same hateful insults about Kalamazoo, Michigan had Cummings grown up there.

Since his attacks against the city as well as Rep. Cummings, Trump extended a less-than-heartfelt invitation to Baltimore’s “Inner City Pastors” for a meeting. However, one Baltimore pastor declined Trump’s offer and instead urged the president to come and visit the city that he was so quick to disparage.

But of course, Donald wasn’t about to show his face in the city of Baltimore. So, he sent one of his henchmen to do the dirty work for him — in the form of U.S. House Secretary Ben Carson, who held a press conference in the city today to discuss the president’s hateful tweets.


However, Carson seemed to have a bit of a Trump-esque attitude upon arrival and evidently thought he could hold his little MAGA press conference wherever he damn well pleased. And he was wrong.

Carson, along with other HUD officials had planned to hold their press conference in a vacant lot — which actually belongs to the Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ and they weren’t too keen on Carson’s presence, with church member Gregory Evans asking the group to leave the property.

“It’s nothing personal,” Evans stated. “I didn’t know it was Secretary Carson. I just know there were a bunch of people over there that were taking over our site. And we said, ‘Why are they here?’ They’ve not even asked for permission to be here.”

However, after moving their press conference to an adjacent alley, Carson didn’t have such kind words about the situation, acting noticeably peeved:

“We just have all this animosity all the time,” the HUD Secretary stated. “For instance, you guys know, you were set up on this property, and right here is this church that said: ‘Get off our property.’ You know, a church? When we’re talking about helping the people. I mean, this is the level to which we have sunken as a society.”

That’s not “animosity,” Carson. That’s a basic respect for the property of others. Something that the entire administration needs a long, hard lesson on.

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