Trump Jr. Confirms Avenatti’s Year-End Prediction, Overheard Telling Friends He Expects Indictment Right Away

He hasn't been wrong yet.

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Love him or hate him, you’ve got to respect the man’s record: Michael Avenatti has yet to be wrong about a big prediction he’s made concerning his own clients or the future defendants in the White House, and he’s made plenty.

When the media was scrambling to look back for signs that Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had been in possession of audio recordings that would be damning for the President, you had to scroll back two months on Avenatti’s timeline to see where he’d already told the world exactly that.

When he brazenly predicted that TrumpCo would back out of their $20 million lawsuit against his client Stormy Daniels because they feared the discovery process, he was vindicated within weeks.


He’s nailed predictions about Rudy Giuliani, Trump staffers, and even got a pretty astonishing one correct about a very significant connection between Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency and Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, who was funneling huge payments to Cohen after a meeting in Trump Tower through the same account that Cohen used to pay off the two mistresses Trump had affairs with shortly after the birth of his son.

A few weeks ago, however, Michael was sparring back and forth with Don Junior, which seems a little lopsided to the casual observer: It’s kind of like a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

After Junior tried to make a joke on Twitter at Avenatti’s expense, the attorney shot back with a warning:

And then, as if to truly drive the point home, Avenatti made his boldest prediction yet on that Thursday morning:

What a New Year’s Eve bash that would turn out to be.

Today, Michael Avenatti doubled down on that prediction:

And with good reason, too: The Democrats now control the House of Representatives and can subpoena Trump Jr back before their committees. It’s definitely not just Avenatti talking about it, though — Vanity Fair, Politico, and New York Magazine are all reporting that Don Junior has been heard in the last few weeks telling his friends he expects the indictment to come any day now.

Don’t be fooled by how under the radar this is — this is MUCH bigger than Democrats issuing subpoenas for the elder Trump’s tax returns. If Don Jr. is indicted, it will likely be for perjuring himself before the House about what he told his father and when regarding the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016.

But go ahead and process that for a minute: You know that Junior’s lawyers counseled him on the dangers of lying to Congress. If he did so — about the Trump Tower meeting, no less — then he is also lying about that meeting having produced nothing of substance.

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